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Al fresco dining at a local restaurant

Wine Tasting in Chianti

A Tuscan vineyard
putting on its fall colors

A taste of locally made pecorino cheese


    Abbondanza Toscana courses and tours take you to the heart and soul of Tuscany and put you in touch with our friends and neighbors . . . the kind and warm hearted Tuscans who define simple yet gracious living. Wander the villa's wooded neighborhood and its olive groves, enjoy views of the valley's vineyards and taste their evocative wines.

    Every course, whether it is cooking or photography, wine tours or painting, shopping or gardens, is made richer by excursions to markets and wineries, shepherds and olive mills, Renaissance gardens and Romanesque churches, traditional osterias serving regional foods and ristorantes offering "la nuova cucina."

    Discover the essence of Tuscany!

    Wander the estate paths through olive groves, vineyards and chestnut forests . . . discover why the "cucina povera" of Tuscan farms is appearing on menus presented by top chefs worldwide . . . listen to a Puccini aria in the Duomo . . . delight in hands-on, up-to-your-elbows cooking lessons in a rustic professional kitchen . . . talk to winemakers about their hopes for this yearís vintage . . . make your own limoncello . . . discover polenta and chocolate are great together!

    At an Abbondanza Toscana program, you donít have to go far to find the best olive oil in Tuscany . . . an excellent 100% Sangiovese wine . . . honey with a hint of chestnut from the surrounding trees . . . friendly people and breath-taking views. They are our neighbors at Villa Fiori.

    Set in an age-old landscape where time is honored but does not come to a halt, our courses will immerse you in the best that Tuscany has to offer. Our courses are held at Villa Fiori, a lovingly restored farmhouse located in the hills above Lucca.

    We invite you into our web site, read and enjoy. Once you see something you like, you have only to decide how you would like to enjoy it:

    • You can join us for courses we have scheduled at specific times of the year
    • You can ask us to design an Italian experience at any time for your group of eight or more people

    How to get started Ė for individuals and small groups: Itís difficult to decide on a course but easy to register for one. Read the descriptions, choose your course, contact us by e-mail for availability, complete the registration form and mail it to us.

    OR, if you want a completely customized program, just tell us and weíll design a program exclusively for you and your friends.

    We look forward to seeing you here soon!

Abbondanza Toscana
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